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Vietnamese Cuisine

Vietnamese Cuisine


Vietnamese Cuisine, one of the most healthy and tasty food in the world. In every part of our country ,from high mountain till deep down of sea, from North to South of Vietnam, each location carry different unique traditional taste style, all contributed to the rich and diverse food culture for Vietnam

If North Side we have “Pho” (Chicken & Beef Noodle) , “Bún Chả” (BBQ pork with noodle) and “Bánh Mì” (Vietnamese bread / sandwich) are the most famous and delicious foods , Middle Side we have ” Bún Bò Huế” ( Hue Beef Noodle) and “Bánh Bột Lọc” (Vietnamese Dumplings) , South Side we have ” Bún Thịt Nướng” (BBQ pork with noodle , South Side taste) & ” Hú Tiếu Nam Vang” (Nam Vang Noodle Soup).



With Signature talented chef team, we take pleasure in presenting you with a wide range of assorted dishes from around Vietnam and globe. Specializing in Seafood, International and Vietnamese cuisines, our extraordinary dishes take on a blend of Traditional and Fusion flavors. Our succulent meals are only made with the freshest ingredients and produce available.



North of Vietnam, the Gulf of Tonkin, a gift from Mother Nature holds one of Vietnam's magical treasures in the world.

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