Why choose Athena Group's Limousine Bus Transfer Service?

Are you tired of slow and uncomfortable buses or shuttles from Hanoi to Halong? Do you want a better way to travel to your cruise destination? We understand that you don't deserve to waste time and money on a crowded and noisy bus, with no amenities or services. That's why we offer the limousine bus transfer service.
Travel with our Limousine Bus Transfer Service

This service will provide you travel experience in a premium limousine that includes:

  • 15 seats

  • Equipped with wifi (free)

  • USB ports

  • Air-conditioning

  • Water

  • Professional & Friendly driver

You will enjoy a 3-hour journey on the highway, with only one stop at a rest area. We guarantee that you will be at the port on time so you do not have to worry!
Don't miss this opportunity to travel in style and convenience with Athena Group's limousine bus transfer service. Book your service today and get ready for an unforgettable adventure in Halong Bay & Bai Tu Long Bay.

Eligible for booking

All welcomed for booking, not limited to Athena Group’s customers!

Pick-up and Drop-off points

  • Hanoi Old Quarter area

  • Halong International Port (Sun Group)

Signature Cruise

Restaurant & Bar

Not only famous for the scenery, interesting outdoor activities in the schedule, Bai Tu Long is also well-known as the heart of tourists for the special dishes of Bai Tu Long with its own appealing and attractive features.

Signature Bar & Restaurant

Happy Hour: Buy 1 Get 1 Drinks

Enjoy our Buy 1 Get 1 drink on Signature Cruise with beautiful view of Bai Tu Long Bay! Save your spot now!

Treat your mind, body and soul

Spa & Massage

Enjoy a complete relaxing experience with Athena Group's Spa & Massage services on Signature Cruise!

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