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When is the best time for us to visit Halong Bay ?

Halong Bay is always a beautiful place to visit no matter what time of the year you travel. Northern Vietnam has four seasons unlike Southern Vietnam which has a wet and a dry season. In Halong Bay summer falls between May and September and you can enjoy sunny days, but due to high humidity there are regular rain showers. Winter is from December to March and temperatures can drop to 12°C. October through to early December is a popular time due to the nice warm weather. Each season shows a different beauty of the bay and Signature Cruises Halong Bay operates all year round to provide you with our unique cruises.

Can our children share our room with us ?

The Ha Long Bay Management Board has very strict rules about the number of people occupying each cabin. A maximum of two adults are allowed in each cabin. If children are under 11 years of age, an extra fold up bed can be provided and we also have cots available for infants. Children love our cruises and we have a lot of fun activities available for them to keep them busy while you relax. When you book your Signature Cruise Halong Bay holiday, be sure to mention in the notes on the reservation form that you require an extra bed or cot for your child.

Where will Signature Cruise take us on Halong bay ?

Signature Cruise Halong Bay takes pleasure in introducing you to all the main sites of the Gulf of Tonkin plus much more. The whole of the Gulf comprises of thousands of limestone karst formations protruding from the stunning waters of the bay. Visit Halong Bay, the gateway to the Gulf of Tonkin, and see amazing caves and floating villages. Lan Ha Bay is famous for its beautiful white sand secluded beaches and Bai Tu Long Bay is best known for its unspoilt and magical scenery. A trip to Cat Ba Island and National Park takes you through dense jungles and lush forests with a chance to learn the local way of life. Please check our itinerary pages for more detailed information and route maps of your cruise.

What do we need to bring on the cruise ?

Firstly, depending on the season you will need to bring appropriate clothing. Please refer to our first FAQ referring to seasons in Halong Bay. Most of the year you will need to bring your swimwear if you like swimming and other water activities. Sunscreen and mosquito repellant are a must and a hat or cap for protection from the sun. If you suffer from any medical condition or require prescription drugs, don’t forget to stock up before you leave home. You will definitely require a camera for some of the best pictures you will ever take. Contact Signature Cruise Halong Bay now if you would like one of our friendly operators to help you more with what you need to pack for your cruise with us.

What are the safety procedures on the cruise ?

Our cruises are conduct within a strict safety code set by The Halong Bay Management and we are happy to oblige by these laws to keep our guests and crew out of harm’s way. Upon boarding you will be given a compulsory introduction and safety procedures briefing. Signature Cruise Halong Bay’s Captain and crew do daily checks on all parts of our vessel. Our state of the art navigational and monitoring systems are monitored constantly. We are fully equipped with smoke and fire alarms, fire extinguishers, life jackets, life buoys and life boats. Please read our safety procedures page for more information about our safety measures.

What kind of meals will you serve me ?

Our professional Chef and his team pride themselves on serving you a wide variety of Vietnamese and International cuisines. All of the products and ingredients we use in our kitchen are the freshest and best quality in the region. Our A La Carte menu consists of a variety of dishes and there is sure to be something for everyone’s taste. Halong Bay is well known for its fresh appetizing seafood and our chef is an expert in creating astounding meals with the daily catch. Our breakfast buffet offers a broad range of breakfast favorites including brewed coffee, tea and juices. Signature Cruise Halong Bay can provide for any special dietary needs you may require. Contact our sales representative today for more information or simply add your meal requirements in the remarks form on our online reservation form.

What happens if I have to cancel my cruise ?

Things happen that can cause unexpected cancelations and we try to be as fair as we can when these situations occur. It is very important that you read our Terms of Condition before you commence to book your cruise with Signature Cruise Halong Bay. You need to contact us as soon as possible when you discover you need to cancel your trip with us so we can negotiate the best possible outcome for the situation. Our English speaking representatives are always available to answer any queries on cancelations.

Can I use my electrical goods, mobile devices and computer on your cruise ?

All cabins and ensuites on our cruise have Vietnamese sockets fitted. Scattered around our craft you can find additional sockets, just ask our crew where to plug in. Halong Bay has good mobile phone access in most areas and prepaid SIM cards and recharge cards can be purchases near the wharf before departing on your Signature Cruise Halong Bay adventure. Recently the city of Halong Bay introduced free WIFI for the whole city; unfortunately this has not reached the cruises as yet. If you require internet connection on your cruise, a good idea is to buy a pre paid 3G USB in Hanoi which will service you all over Vietnam.

We are elderly and are worried about accessibility on your boat and tours ?

Unlike many other cruises in the area, our main vessel and excursion boat make boarding and alighting all that much easier. Our staff are always there to support you in any manner you need whether it be help on stairs or assistance on our day trips. There is always someone around to meet any of your requirements. If you wish you can stay on our main craft when excursions take place and enjoy a snack or a drink as you relax. Signature Cruise Halong Bay can help you with any special requirements or needs; just let our sales representative know at your time of booking.

Can I go on a Signature Cruise if I’m pregnant ?

If you are pregnant we recommend you have a thorough check up with your doctor before you leave your own country. Unfortunately if you are more than 37 weeks pregnant at the beginning of your cruise we cannot accept your booking. Please tell us when you book how many weeks pregnant you will be at the commencement of your cruise. We will do everything to make your stay with us as comfortable and relaxing as possible and look after you in every possible way. We have on call doctors and nurses available 24 hours a day if any problems occur. Also remember to update your insurance cover before you travel in case of an emergency trip to the hospital which can be quite expensive.

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