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Bai Tu Long Bay

Bai Tu Long


Bai Tu Long Bay: Located on Gulf of Tonkin, North East of Vietnam, Bai Tu Long bay is one of the wildest and nature areas on the bay. Bai Tu Long Bay with hundreds of mountains, islands bobbing on the water with hundreds of kilometers of beaches with white sand beaches in Minh Chau, Quan Lan, Ngoc Vung, stretching dozens of kilometers. This delightful gulf hosts a range of stunning bays, beaches, and caves.

According to legend history, the “Long time ago when Vietnam just established, we were encroaching invaders by the enemy. Jade Emperor sent Mother Dragon and Child Dragons down to help the Vietnamese fight back to the enemy. When the enemy boats reach the shore from the sea, countless dragons have sprayed pearls, which then turned into thousands of stone islands in the sea, creating a solid wall to block the advance of enemy ships. The enemy fleet is rushed, blocked suddenly crashed into the rocks and smashed into each other.

 After the victory, Mother Dragon and her Child Dragons did not return Heaven they stayed on earth, where the battle just happened. Location Mother Dragon landed was Ha Long, Dragon baby down as Bai Tu Long. The tail of Dragons as known as Long Vi (present Tra Co Peninsula) with fine sand and the beach stretching over tens of kilometers “…

Bai Tu Long Bay with Halong worthy of becoming one of the natural wonders of the world.


Halong Bay

The wonders of the World Natural, one of the most attractive destination in Vietnam.

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