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Fishing Village



Vung Vieng, the first of a handful of traditional floating villages in Halong Bay. The village is covered and protected by nature Limestone Mountains with vast natural scenery and the jade green sea. It look like a beautiful magical picture, draw by Mother of Nature
Come to Vung Vieng village, traveler will easily be attracted by, the fisher and by their floating house. It is totally different with the living on the land, all of living activities here stick with the boat, with the Limestone Mountains and the sea. The main differences in natural conditions and daily life that has made Vung Vieng village have some unique cultures.

LangNgocTrai Eng


Beside visit floating village, travelers also have a chance to learn about how people here make the Pearl with the Oysters. The wonders of the landscape, the cultural uniqueness has brought this place become one of the most attractive tourist destination in Ha Long.



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