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Safety Procedures

The top priority for Signature Cruise Halong Bay is the utmost safety of our guests, crew and vessel. We value the strict standards implemented by the Vietnamese and Local Government on cruises on Halong Bay and follow their set safety requirements precisely.

Our captain and technicians perform daily quality maintenance checks to ensure the smooth running and safety onboard our craft. Our state of the art navigation equipment and safety procedures play a major role in making Signature Cruise Halong Bay one of the safest cruises operating in the area.

Upon boarding your cruise you will be welcomed with a complimentary drink while your Crew provides you with a compulsory safety demonstration. This brief demonstration is designed to give you a quick lay out of the boat, emergency procedures, meeting points and more.

All our Crew have regular training in emergency procedures and we pride ourselves in our strict adherence to these rules. Signature Cruise Halong Bay is covered by insurance covering the maximum permitted amount of guests and crew. Our captain is required by law to submit a daily report and complete list of passengers and crew.

Signature Cruise Halong Bay is equipped throughout with a full range of safety equipment and devices. The whole vessel is fitted with smoke and fire alarms and life jackets can be found at designated areas around the craft. We have ? Life buoys and ? Life rafts with enough space for the maximum allowed number of passengers and crew.

Each cabin on Signature Cruise Halong Bay contains a brochure outlining our emergency protocol. Also include in your room are two life jackets, a smoke detector, a waterproof torch and a hammer which can be used in emergency situations. Night lights always illuminate our corridors and main areas.

Safety is our top priority. Please let us know if you need any further information.


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