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Signature Transportation

Signature Cruise Transportation (Inter Bus Lines Transportation) provides various model car: Luxury Limousine D-Car; Fuso Limousine Dcar; Ford Transit; Ford Everest.
(Inter Bus Lines Company belong to Signature Cruise Group)
With our professional driver, we will take care and deliver the most comfortable and safest feeling to you.

Ford Limousine Dcar

     – New generation vehicles
     – Passenger transport
     – 7 seat personal cab
     – High-grade interior gives you comfort and convenience when traveling.
     – 19 inch TV, Sony audio system…

Ford Transit

     – New generation vehicles
     – The Ford Transit offers the flexibility to fit any business
     – Passenger transport
     – 16 seat personal cab

Ford Everest

     – New Ford Everest Model 2017
     – 7 seat personal cab
     – Excellent equipment such as leather seats, noise cancellation/suppression system gives you comfort and safe when traveling.

Signature Note:

    – Complimentary Wi-Fi service
    – Complimentary Mineral Drink
    – Fee: Fees vary based on vehicle.
    – Hours: 24 hours
    – Contact: +84-4 3 935 1268
    – Private Car Service Please contact the concierge a minimum of 24 hours in advance to make reservations.

With our luxury transfer service, you will surely feel satisfied and relaxed for any type of trip.

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Luxury Limousine

The most popular transportation from Hanoi to Halong is Private Car or Minivan.

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